Global LED manufacturing capacity will continue to grow this year, reaching an estimated 2.57 million 4” inch wafer equivalents, a 24 percent increase over 2012.  As the industry evolves, greater emphasis will be placed on yield and throughout improvements.  LED manufacturers are looking for equipment and materials that deliver yield improvements and a positive return on investment, including solutions to substrate costs for epi wafer processing, lithography, packaging, and test.  The industry is also exploring radical technology innovations such as GaN on Silicon, GaN on GaN, quantum dots and other areas.

LED Materials, Processes, Solutions, and Standards

The SEMI International Standards Program has a dedicated HB-LED Standards Committee, focused specifically on the issues and challenges of LED manufacturing, including materials characterization, wafer and substrates, metrology, test, and software. LED industry engineers and professionals from across the supply chain are invited to participate in the SEMI HB-LED Standards Committee and its activities held during SEMICON West.  For more information on the SEMI International Standards Program, please visit



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