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Solid State Technology and SEMI are pleased to present the 2015 Best of West product awards program.


The Best of West Award is given to recognize important product and technology developments in the microelectronics industries. The Best of West Award will provide maximum visibility and value to exhibitor winners, spotlighting exciting new products and technologies in front of a large global audience. All exhibitors are encouraged to participate. Winners will be selected by an independent panel of highly qualified judges. Best of West finalists and award recipients will be selected based on the submission’s financial impact on the industry, engineering or scientific achievement, or societal impact and benefits.




  • Wafer Processing Equipment
  • Assembly/Packaging Solutions
  • Metrology and Test
  • Advanced Materials and Materials Management
  • Components and Subsystems
  • Facilities and Software

Qualifying Products, Services and Technologies

Consideration for the Best of West awards will be limited to all products, services and technologies publicly introduced from August 1, 2014 to SEMICON West 2015. Submitting companies must be developers of the product or technology (no rep firms or third parties) and must be exhibitors at SEMICON West. SEMI reserves the right to make all final decisions on eligibility. Entries are limited to two per exhibitor.

Call for Entries

Submitting products, services and technologies for consideration is simple. To submit entries for consideration, complete the online form and provide the required descriptions and justifications here. In addition to company name and contact information, a maximum 750-word description of the new product /technology is required, along with a max. 300-word summary of why it’s important submitted in Microsoft Word. Supporting charts, graphs and illustrations must be submitted as part of the Microsoft Word document. Entries that are not submitted in Microsoft Word or otherwise do not follow the above instructions, will be rejected for consideration.


Deadline for submissions: May 22, 2015

Selection of Finalists

Finalists will be selected by a distinguished panel of judges from academia and the industry.   Finalists will receive recognition for their achievement through press releases, on the SEMICON West website, through online exhibitor directories, and special booth displays.


Selection of Winners

Winners will be announced during SEMICON West and will be selected from the pool of finalists. Judges may visit exhibitors during SEMICON West to obtain further information on the submission.

Congratulations to Winner of Best of West 2014!


Nikon Corporation: NSR-S630D Immersion Scanner

Category: Wafer Processing Equipment


The NSR-S630D ArF immersion scanner leverages the well-known Streamlign platform, incorporating further developments in stage, optics, and autofocus technology to deliver unprecedented mix-and-match overlay and focus control with sustained stability to enable the 10/7 nm node.


Congratulations to the Best of West 2014 Finalists


Microtronic: EAGLEview IV
Category: Metrology and Test



SPTS Technologies:  Rapier XE
Category: Wafer Processing Equipment





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